Roxie is a voice assistant to help you productive and entertained while driving. It brings Apple HomePod experience to your car. It is the only one assistant for interacting with Siri and be able to play Apple Music in your car. Roxie’s AI notifying function will read important notification for you and keep you from fumbling with the phone. Google and Alexa version will be available soon.

Roxie works as your Apple HomePod in Car.

Roxie is a small bluetooth device which is able to output voice to car speaker through FM or Aux. After Plug it into cigarette lighter and pair with your iPhone, Just Say:

To play my favorite music.
Okay Roxie, “Play a song I’d like”
To send and receive texts.
Okay Roxie, text Benson “I’m running late”
To set and control timers.
Okay Roxie, set a 20-minute timer
To control your HomeKit accessories.
Okay Roxie, turn on the kitchen lights
To get headline and local news.
Okay Roxie, play NPR news
To manage your Calendar events.
Okay Roxie, what’s my first meeting today?

Roxie works as your Apple HomePod in Car

Not just voice assistant but also Karaoke in Car

Roxie2 is based-on Roxie1 and adding far-field Karaoke function. That allows you to sing without holding microphone, your voice will be mixed with the music and played on the car speaker. The DSP chip will adjust your pitch and the echo effect so you would feel you are a professional singer when you sing.

Roxie2 works as Apple HomePod + Karaoke in car.

Roxie2 is a small Bluetooth device with wireless, far-field microphone. Just say "Okay Roxie, play Songs" and You are ready to sing like a Pro.

How it works?
  • Long distance microphone allow driver to sing without holding Microphone
  • Your voice mixed with music and output from car speaker
  • Professional Karaoke DSP adjust your pitch, echo effect, just like you are a pro.
Karaoke Effect